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Creston provides the ultimate setting for Farming for Love reality dating series

By Karen Kornelsen (Peak to Moon Creative)

City meets country in the sensational reality dating series, Farming for Love. Based on Fremantle Media’s longstanding hit series, The Farmer Wants a Wife, this British Columbia-based production showcases urban daters vying for the affection of passionate farmers in hopes of finding true love. The show, produced by Lark Productions in collaboration with Fremantle Media and in association with CTV, has now wrapped on the shooting of the second season. One of their locations was our very own Creston, BC.

Variations of the successful show have been filmed in 37 countries across Europe, North America, and Australia. “Each territory produces the show in their own way,” says Grant Greschuk, one of the series’ showrunners. “Our version is more similar to a modern dating show, but one of our goals is to showcase the diversity of BC and the different types of farming.”

The show’s farmers range from dairy farmers to wine producers. Single urbanites are brought in to live on their respective farms for six weeks, tackling chores, group activities, and one-on-one dates.


An idyllic farm, breathtaking backdrop and unparalleled hospitality

Locations across British Columbia have hosted Farming for Love‘s production crews while they follow the cast’s dating journeys, but a small town in the Kootenays provided a cinematic paradise for the production, both on camera and behind the scenes.

“The farm, in particular, factors into the choice of the filming location because we do want authentic farms, and we do want an authentic farmer,” says Grant. “We had a farmer from Creston who was interested in participating in season two, so we went there to check it out and fell in love with it. It really showcased the area and said everything about the show. The farmer was genuine, the farm was magnificent and big, and it was just magical. It had every element we needed.”

In addition to the location offering a stunning representation of the Kootenays, Creston’s hospitality did not disappoint. The crew took advantage of hotels, transportation, and top-notch catering and even brought home hoards of local products. 

“The feedback from our crew was that it was a very welcoming community,” says Ruth. “They had a great experience. There’s a powerful entrepreneurial spirit there. Everyone was behind the show and wanted to participate or help with local tips, including venue ideas for dates.”

One challenge that can come with filming in the Kootenays is its remoteness but it’s a challenge the showrunners easily overcame. The crew typically flew into Cranbrook, one hour east of Creston. 

“We booked our travel time knowing it would take a little longer. It was just something that production needed to prepare for,” reflects Grant. “We really bought into the character and the location, so we just built travel time into the schedule,” Ruth adds. “It was a consideration that had to be made, and it was well worth it.” 


Fostering successful relationships in troughs, paddocks, and cow fields

Farmers can face many challenges when it comes to finding love, but Farming for Love and its international counterparts have propagated over 200 successful marriages, over 500 kids and even more long-term partnerships! 

“Farmers are so dedicated to what they do, and farm work is 24/7,” says Ruth Nanda, another of the series’ showrunners. “They often live in isolated or remote communities, and it’s hard to meet singles, let alone have the time to date.” 

Conversely, the urban daters who have often romanticized living in the country and everything it entails can be in for quite a reality check.

At the core of the show is authenticity. “Everyone is on the show for the right reasons. Most of our farmers don’t want to be on television, but they do want to find a partner. The daters want to commit to the farmer and their lifestyle,” says Grant.  

Creston: an unparalleled location

“We would one hundred percent recommend Creston for filming,” says Grant. “You could shoot so much there. You don’t have to CGI the beautiful mountains, the cows, the wheat or the corn. It’s a terrific location.”


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