Poster of The Orchard, Dawn, and The Last Dance

KSBI April meetup recap

‘Local Made’ Film Screening & Q+A


The local film industry continues to surprise, delight, and blow away all expectations.


Lights dimmed, the audience hushed, and the big Civic Theatre screen lit up on April 26th as four locally made films were showcased as part of the Kootenay Screen Based Industry‘s latest April Meetup. The celebratory air was palpable as the film crews and community gathered to support and celebrate the Nelson premiere of three locally made shorts and a close-to-home feature.


The Orchard‘, a Creston-shot horror film kept patrons glued to their seats with its atmospheric tension and eerie surprises. ‘The First Dance,” directed by Lisel Forst and Jeremy Grant is making waves internationally, and did not disappoint locally. ‘Dawn, created by Jeremy Grant, also captivated the audience with their beautiful storytelling and breathtaking cinematography by Tucker Anderson. ‘Title Fight,’ created by Alex Botton and Carlo Alcos, was also added to the docket last minute, making for a fully fledged night of local films!

"Title Fight" Film Poster


“The Local Made event at the Civic was fantastic. It’s so great to have a venue that supports local filmmakers,” expressed Carlo Alcos. “It’s not often I get to see my work on that scale, so to see and hear Title Fight up there on the big screen and on the big sound system was a real treat.”

The highlight of the night was the Q&A session with the filmmakers, which revealed the passion, dedication, and hard work that went into creating these films. Jeremy Grant expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the community, saying, “Both short films were truly team efforts and wouldn’t have been possible without the entire Nelson community. To finally get to share them with that same community on the big screen with the Civic Theatre’s beautiful sound and picture was an experience I won’t soon forget.”



Lisel Forst expressed similar sentiments, revealing, “I cried the whole time we were making it.” Such deep emotional investment demonstrates the profound connection between the filmmakers and their craft, resulting in stories that resonate on a profound level.

The event was not just a celebration of local filmmaking, but a testament to the growth and vibrancy of the Kootenay film industry. The unique beauty and diversity of the region provided the perfect backdrop for these films, and the support of the community was instrumental in their creation.


On set BTS of Dawn


We’re so proud of our local talent and grateful for the opportunity to come together and celebrate their achievements. The Kootenay Screen Based Industry (KSBI) meetups are the perfect platform for filmmakers, industry professionals, and movie lovers to connect and collaborate, and we encourage everyone to join us in supporting our local film industry.

As we reflect on this memorable night, we look forward to the future of the Kootenay film industry and the inspiring stories that will be told on the big screen. With the continued support of the community, we can expect to see more exceptional films made right here in our beautiful region.

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Written by Madeline Setzer, KSBI Community Engagement & Communications Assistant
Edited by Lynn Trinh, Kootenay Screen-Based Industry Regional Program Manager


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